JL Boren’s PTA is made up of volunteer parents who want to take an active role in our children’s education. We believe family involvement is instrumental in a child’s education. Join JL Boren’s PTA and partner with us for our children’s future success!

PTA Elected Officers, 2022-2023 school year:

    • President:  Jennifer Davis
    • 1st VP (Membership): Megan McDonald
    • 2nd VP (Fundraising): Karye Boyer
    • 3rd VP (Staff Support): Tara Harris
    • 4th VP (Communication): Jayne Foster
    • Secretary: Tracie Hinton
    • Treasurer: Bianca Downs 
    • Parliamentarian: Ashley Godawski

    PTA Committee Chairs, 2022-2023 school year:

    • Student Outreach: Kelly Calvert
    • Dads Club: Zack Smith
    • Family Outreach: LaDonna Fields
    • Book Fair: Jane Baker
    • Holiday Store: Alyson Robinson
    • Community Liaison: Heather Colburn
    • School Spirit: Carrie Haskins
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Jennifer Spiegel